To facilitate inspiration, communication and innovation
for a sustainable world.


We all can and do make huge difference not only to our immediate circle of family and friends but much more broadly as well.  Our choices to a greater and lesser extent shape the world. 

The Environmental Edge strives to  engage people in working together co-operatively in order to develop solutions that optimise environmental, economic and social benefits for all.

To achieve this, the Environmental Edge strategically utilises social marketing, behavioural change and best practice educational approaches - plus a good measure of fun, enthusiasm and vision in the development and implementation of all its leading edge environmental programs.

We work closely with clients to explore their current situation, vision for the future, benefits and barriers to change.  Further, we place a strong focus on facilitation and team building in order for our clients to actively develop and implement innovative and strategic approaches that they can maintain and continuously improve over the longer term.  

Our Edge

      Facilitation and team building for stakeholder ownership and empowerment.

      Technical knowledge of environment management issues and practices.

      Design and implementation of integrated environmental education and behavioural change programs.

      Delivery of tailored training that is relevant, interactive and fun.

      Experience across government, business and community sectors.

      Value add to project proposals/teams by providing extensive networks and valuable expertise.


The Environmental Edge provides a range of program development and facilitation services for government, business and community sectors.  Such as:


Development of Strategic Environmental Education, Behavioural Change and Communications Programs.


Facilitation of Green Office and Environmental Improvement Programs for Triple Bottom Line benefits.


Green Home Assessment and Advisory Service.

Depending on our client's needs, our services might include establishing an environment team, generating ideas or strategic plan for a specific project, guest speaker, staff training workshops or facilitating a full blown environmental change program (eg Green Office, Environmental Management System or Environmental Improvement Program). 

The Environmental Edge also provides publicity and promotion of projects as well assisting organisations to document and celebrate their successes as part of growing stakeholder and broader community awareness.  

Affiliations & Memberships

We at The Environmental Edge are proud to have our own internal Environmental Improvement Program with certification as a Waste Wise Business and a Grow Me The Money Business Mentor. 


  • AWARE  (Association of Waste And Resource Education)
  • WMAA   (Waste Management Association of Australia)
  • BATE     (Business And The Environment)
  • GOANA   (Green Office Action Network of Australia)

Our Successes


      Strategy development and stakeholder consultation for State Government Departments & Authorities, Victorian Regional Waste Management Groups and Local Councils;

      Facilitation of program development workshops in areas such as Strategy Development, Program Evaluation, Sustainable Water Use Planning and Stormwater Management;

      Research, initiation and co-ordination of the GreenShop project;

      Facilitation of the Healthy and Sustainable Gardens Project;

      Facilitation of the Waste Wise Phillip Island Project;

      Facilitation of McAdams Square Retailers Project for Maroondah City Council;

      Development of a Waste Wise Council Program model for Sustainability Victoria;

      Co-ordination, development and implementation of the Waste Wise Program for Northern Metropolitan Melbourne.

Professional Associations

      Executive leadership and member support for the Association of Waste and Resource Education Victoria;

      Development of Best Practice Waste Education Guidelines for the Waste Management Association of Australia;

      Design and facilitation of Conferences and Professional Development for people working in environment and education fields.


Environmental assessment, strategic planning and facilitation of Green Office and workplace environmental improvement programs across a range of business sectors.  For example:

Green Office: Maroondah Credit Union, La Trobe University, Nillumbik Shire Council;

Manufacturing: Siemens VDO, Dianna Ferrari Shoes, Yakka;

Building: Delfin Homes, Seidler Homes, Watkins Property Services;

Hospitality: Anchor Belle Caravan Park, Holmwood Guest House;

Retail: Dynamic Veges, Canticle Bakery, Ethos Eco-Market.



      Green Home advice to owners, builders, & developers;

      Development of sustainable living education materials, Environmental Education Centres and exhibitions;

      Delivery of interactive workshops on topics such as: Waste Reduction and Recycling, Composting & Worm Farms, Green Renovations, Sustainable Living and Permaculture;

      Training and support for Sustainability Street projects;

      Development of the Wash Against Waste project.

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